Praxis 0014 Elementary Education Scores. Scaled and Raw Scores

This is my most requested score: the 0014. More people take this test than any other.

I have two sets of scores a 169 and a 160. Both of these are in your middle 50% (25-75 percentiles which is 152-177.

Here are the actual Scores:

From 11/2010

  • LA: 25/30 = 83%
  • Math: 20/30 = 66.7%
  • Soc. Stu: 17/30 = 56.6%
  • Sci: 21/30 = 70.0%
  • Totals =  83/120 = 69.16% = Scaled Score of 160.

This person cannot teach in Kansas which requires a 163. All the other states she (or he) can teach in. This next person actually took the 5014 which is the computer version of the 0014.

Test from 8/10:

  • LA: 25/30 = 83%
  • Math: 21/30 = 70.0%
  • Soc. Stu: 19/30 = 63.3%
  • Sci: 26/30 = 86.6%
  • Totals =  91/120 = 75.83% = Scaled Score of 169.

This person can teach in all the states that require the Praxis Test

Again please remember to send my your scores. I need the information that has the raw points earned and the raw points avaailable plus the scaled score. Your ID and info is safe with me. I will not reveal who you are, I may reveal what state you are in but that is all.



2 thoughts on “Praxis 0014 Elementary Education Scores. Scaled and Raw Scores

  1. I need to make a 153 on my Praxis ll Elementary Education Content Knowledge exam. How many do I need to get in order to get that score

    • The one thing that I have seen is that it really depends on what test you get. There are so many variants to teach test.

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